Launching in July

The new team-based password manager. Designed for teams to share their secrets easily and securely, and for individuals who value their privacy. Vault will release with support for iOS and macOS, shortly followed by support for Android and Windows.

For Teams

Reliable password and data management for your team, of any size.

  • Users
  • Passwords
  • Notes
  • Full Audit history
  • Shared Documents

When it comes to managing access between different shared accounts, using Vault will keep your team or company data secure. Allow team members to access account credentials and secure notes via Vault, with seamless management and absolute security. Data is fully end-to-end encrypted, with a full transparent audit log of every change to your data, so data is never lost. Team admins can revoke access to any user, to prevent any future access.

For you

  • Fully encrypted

    All of your data is encrypted by your device using AES-256. We, nor anyone else, can ever access your passwords.

  • Total privacy

    We do not store any identifiable data about you. You own your secrets, and teams fully manage themselves.

  • Master password

    Never stored anywhere, not even a hash, is transmitted to our secure infrastructure.

Get Vault

Vault will be available in July to our early beta users.

Beta testers will receive life-long free access for personal use.